Trueque: a means of exchange beyond currency.

Before COVID times, people went to the street market every Sunday morning or Saturday afternoon. This is currently not possible, but instead we offer you a digital exchange market. In the Trueque experience you don’t buy fruits or vegetables, but you trade digital objects.

Every participant brings to the Trueque one digital artefact, service, experience or ethereal object. This can be anything: art that you made, a music performance, a small story about something that happened, specific knowledge that you have … You can bring any of these and many more! to the digital marketplace.

The goal is to negociate and make as many trades as you wish during the experience. You can trade a song against a fortune prediction; a birthday card against a mention in someone’s podcast; a cooking recipe against a coding tutorial; your best dream against a school rumor or just bring your best cat meme collection and exchange it for a love letter. All sorts of trades are possible, as long as you both agree!

Keep in mind that we use Creative commons licences as a way to protect the future of your exchange. At the end of the experience you will receive a certificate for each exchange.
The Trueque is not about commerce, but about the pleasure of negotiating. It is about giving your skills a place in the spotlight!

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