An eclectic workshop that creates collaborative knowledge.

Pastiche is an encounter of knowledge and skills where participants, in real time, agree what kind of knowledge or digital object they would  like to create and how.  

Each participant suggests a topic that the workshop can be about. This can be a serious subject like “How to do a 3d model using blender? ”,  but it may also be about everyday life knowledge, for example “How to dance Salsa?” or “How to tie your shoes using only the thumb finger?”. If you have any sort of remarkable knowledge, the Pastiche workshop is where you share it!

Anything that you consider knowledge is welcome!

Not much preparation is needed to partake in the Pastiche workshop. All we ask is that you suggest a topic that you feel comfortable to talk about. At the beginning of the workshop there will be an anonymous vote on all suggestions that the participants made. Three suggestions will be selected.

Later, based on the community interest, We will agree on a cross-subject for the three workshops selected. This is a broader topic or interest of the whole community, like “sustainability ”, “climate change”, “Manga”, “activism”, and so on.

We will raise the question of how to work together? There are two main options: by ensemble,  all the community agree on creating a  component of a bigger digital or conceptual object or experience; or we work apart, each workshop works by themself. 

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