About us

Salutches is an online plataform for social experiences that aims to create community between participants from Luca C-mine.
It is part of Vinicius Marquet artistic research “Remediating the collaborative storytelling workshop into digital mediated spaces“.

Vinicius is a PhD student in Arts at KU Leuven / Luca School of the arts where he researches the remediation of collaborative storytelling workshops into the network and programmable media. In 2017 Centro de Cultura digital published his short story Bucle: archivo de ficciones, an hyperfiction based on Ulises CarriĆ³n life and artworks. In 2009 his project Anacron was included in the 3rd electronic literature collection by ELO. Currently, under the context of covid19 he released imaginaviral.net, an platform that explores online workshops experience and art performance

Salutches was possible thanks to the guideness and support of Steven Malliet and the inter-action unit of Luca C-mine