With SALUTCHES we organize a series of weekly workshops that bring people together in a creative and playful way. You are all invited to join any of these workshops, whenever you want. If there is a workshop that looks interesting to you: all you need to do is subscribe. If you don’t have time this week: that’s OK too! Next week there will be another chance! For the next winter season, We will itinerate three main activities: Viral, Pastiche, and Trueque. We hope you will join us and fill this empty screen with your spontaneous gestures!

SALUTCHES is an online platform for social experiences that aims to strengthen the community of students and researchers at LUCA School of Arts, campus C-mine Genk. It is a way to say Hi between strangers located in Belgium and abroad, for instance students from Re:Anima International Master program in Animation Film or other curious researchers. In Flemish dialect, we say Salutjes to greet a person, but we have changed it into Salutches because the world is changing and we look to open the conversation as humans in this new era.

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