Oniric maps in Viral - Dreams from the 10th of april 2021

  1. Dream interpreted by A

    I preemptively pull her away from the statue, and put her behind me ¶ nap and closes her ¶ mother (in pieces) ¶ The statue (?) falls down and breaks into pieces ¶ and then we're going up to a statue (?) ¶ I'm entering a sort of ¶ ominous place ¶ She says that she is going to take ¶ I see my ¶ (church?) with my ¶ and I start running (I'm outside now) to get her fixed ¶ eyes ¶ her face ¶ I tell her to wait ¶ through the rubble, and pick up the pieces from ¶ mother ¶ a little ¶ "no no no no no" ¶

  2. Dream interpreted by El

    Eventually I leave the house and I become every person,plant and object and they become me. ¶ For some moments,animal,it is like I feel not only as those objects but everything they have experienced.¶ I became everything and everything became me.¶ I could feel my 5th senses with every part of my body ¶ It grows slowly,I'm in my bed and I feel like I am me and the bed,and I feel it with every sense and I can't describe it. ¶ It’s like my body is unlimited. ¶ The feeling is truly amazing and indescribable,the bedroom,the sheets ¶ Then I leave my room and I feel as every object. ¶

  3. Dream interpreted by H

    on the tree ¶ A rush started,¶ in Ouro preto ¶ She was fine ¶ Deise in the crowd. ¶ on the foot. ¶ and I lost ¶ and we managed to find ¶ and she bit her ¶ and then when I was going to talk ¶ ahead. Then she said ¶ what had a tree ¶ a jaguar ¶ In the end, after much desperation, ¶ firefighters arrived ¶ she was already by the tree ¶ oh I'm going to take a picture and he jumped ¶ Deise and I were in a restaurant ¶ the window. When she was jumping I saw ¶ Deise in an ambulance. ¶ and her foot too. ¶ they got the jaguar ¶ and there we were looking at the building of a student house ¶

  4. Dream interpreted by N

    pieces and parts I am collecting ¶ trying to catch the flight ¶ time is tight ¶ in a very hurry ¶ hurry up ¶ but I am not ready to leave the house ¶ I need to catch the flight but I am not ready to leave. ¶ I can collect a bit more stuff to my luggage. ¶ Maybe it's enough but no no. ¶ a bit more ¶ My father's family legacy becomes my parts and my stuff. ¶ I am collecting my luggage from their house. ¶ They are supporting me to collect ¶ Even they Will take me to the airport ¶ and finally ¶ I think it's already too late to catch the flight but they offer me to take me to the airport with their car. ¶

  5. Dream interpreted by Z

    and we almost ¶ , but nevertheless I had ¶ And the idea was to ¶ I was on the street with my daughter ¶ already dreamed ¶ and we came from a ¶ but I don't know of what. ¶ could not see ¶ dense fog ¶ each other, we ¶ gave our hands so we wouldn't get lost. ¶ house ¶ look for another house ¶ not ours ¶ of this house in other dreams I had before, suddenly we found ourselfs in a very ¶ ourselves, ¶ protect ¶ that was ¶ where we could ¶

  6. Dream interpreted by S

    “What I want, cowardly heart Is that you die for me And die with you if you kill yourself And kill me with you if you die...” ¶ and I kissed her on her forehead. ¶ that only ideas last ¶ I woke up ¶ I dreamt of my mother, ¶ today with that Sabina’s song in my head. ¶ forever ¶ I was telling her ¶

  7. Dream interpreted by V

    they were all filled with coffee and milk, and then I woke up. ¶ I was in Highschool with all my family and friends and we were all kidnapped by golden skin martians. ¶ suddenly I cut an arm of one of the martians with a knife ¶ We were all watching a football game of some classmates playing in there ¶

  8. Dream interpreted by D

    As soon as I pass him, walking in the opposite sense ¶ passing glass doors and finally I get to my room, a well furnished, elegant room. I stay there for a while, than I realize that my partner is there and she asked for having something to eat or drink. I say that I would have tried to find something, but I have to pay attention to possible other people in the hotel and in my mind they come also the dinosaurs. ¶ Then, I realize that it is better to run ¶ I woke up. ¶ that, on the desk, there are two small creatures ¶ No one is inside, but I know that there is a room ¶ There, I see ¶ progressively, it appears their head, ¶ I snake out of the room and I start to move through the corridors. Accidentally, I encounter a waiter ¶ rapidly growing: ¶ of the hotel: at first, I am worried, then I think that I was not doing anything bad ¶ because they are growing fast and they will be dangerous ¶ to recover ¶ by myself. ¶ away and I rush out of the pharmacy. It is night, ¶ to us. Thus, I decide to go on the other side of the pharmacy desk, ¶ one, that looks semi abandoned. ¶ I look for a place ¶ I just have a quick look to him: he was walking, but he appeared to be deactivated, covered by an opaque red filter. ¶ the urban environment reminds me Luzern. ¶ soon. ¶ the streets ¶ of mine, but other people ¶ to serve my friend ¶ , I noticed that he changed his direction of movement, starting to follow me. While I was considering any possible cause or consequence of this action, ¶ ready for me. I cross empty corridors, I was in a pharmacy, ¶ waiting for my turn ¶ an old style ¶ continuously overcome without paying attention ¶ We discuss ¶ are empty, ¶ and, keeping the required physical distance, ¶ it with all the customers in the pharmacy, and we start to think that it is better to rush, ¶ I continue to walk. ¶ with a friend ¶ and I find a four stars hotel, ¶ and their legs. ¶ They seem to be small dinosaurs. ¶

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